Recruitment Rules (Read Before Applying)

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Recruitment Rules (Read Before Applying) Empty Recruitment Rules (Read Before Applying)

Post by Delta on Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:39 pm

Current requirements for membership consideration include:

-Good chemistry between yourself and other UF members.

-Exceptional combat skill, mastery of suit functions, on the fly strategy and instinct for gun fighting.

-Exceptional teamwork abilities, the ability to take and follow orders, excellent communication skills.

-Headset or Microphone.

-Ability to, at times, play Crysis without restriction (parents, work, etc) for periods varying between 2-4 hours.

-A love of conquest on the open sea.

-Must have Xfire

-Must have Vent (Vent details will be pmed to the Applicant when they have applied)

-Must not share any of clan tactics with other clans or players

-Must be active on forums ,Xfire aswell as Vent

If you qualify for all of the above conditions, please feel free to apply for a tryout with UF.

Structure your application as follows,


Name: (first name only is fine)
Game name / Nickname / Alias:
General location:
What brings you to UF?:
Are you active?:
How would you personally benefit UF?:

About you:

You can Download Xfire And Vent From:


The tryout process is as follows:

All applicants must pass an initial screening play test before qualifying for further consideration. The screening will be spread over several days in order to minimize the chance of catching the applicant on an "off-day." This will also allow the applicant to familiarize themselves with whatever map is used for screening, should they not know it. If the applicant does not pass the initial screening they will be rejected, but they may re-apply to UF at any point in time at least four days following rejection. Currently there is no limit to the amount of times someone may re-apply, but this may change if abused.

If the applicant passes the initial screening, he/she will be accepted into an extended trial period. During this period, the applicant will be introduced to all other UF members and will have the opportunity to play with them. Evaluation will continue for several weeks, at the end of which all current members of UF will vote on the decision to accept or reject the applicant. A minimum of two votes against the applicant will result in the refusal of the applicant.

Good Luck.

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