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Highland (56k Warning!) Empty Highland (56k Warning!)

Post by Sasstraliss on Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:08 am

by Sasstraliss

Map Information:

Map Mode: PowerStruggle
Map Size: Pending Classification
Map Type: Land
Map File Size: Unknown
Latest Map Version: 1.0.1

My Goal:

My goal for this map is to create an open map, with huge amounts of room for strategical ground force strategy, as tanks and other heavy vehicles are none existent.
The size of this map is still being decided as to whether it's medium or small. To say the least, this is an infantry based map, a little like Plantation yet bigger, however with vegetation and textures much the same as Tarmac and Battleground.
This is all still dynamic, and up for suggestions and change.
I plan on making this map natural, and realistic like my other PowerStruggle maps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I make suggestions while it's still under construction?
A: Yes, and please do!

Q: Can I ask for the .cry file for this map?
A: When the map is released finally, there is a good chance I will release the .cry file as public source.


Good afternoon TAG.

This is the official thread for Highland, my new PowerStruggle map in the making.

I started the map a while back, but work on it has been slow. This is going to speed up now however.

I will try to list it's features, features that may have been canceled, and new features may add to this list at any time.

PROTOTYPE: The small version, possibly without the vent.
WAR: Very Light vehicle factory in each home base.
ENERGY: 2 currently, may be reduced to 1. (Extra fighting)
BUNKER: 2 currently, more may be added or taken away.



Download Unavailable.



Highland (56k Warning!) Highland01

Highland (56k Warning!) Highland02


Please comment & rate the progress so far!

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