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Archipelago (56k Warning!)

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Archipelago (56k Warning!) Empty Archipelago (56k Warning!)

Post by Sasstraliss on Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:07 am

by Sasstraliss


Map Information:

Map Mode: PowerStruggle
Map Size: Large
Map Type: Water
Map File Size: 12.1MB
Latest Map Version: 12.0.0

My Goal:

My goal for this map was really just to make a large, balanced map that is fun to play which looks like a map directly from Crytek. I think I have come as close as I can to achieving this, and any feedback on my efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long did it take you to make from beginning to end?
A: The original version of Archipelago took me just over two weeks, and after revisiting it, I think another five days can be added to that. So all in all, around 3 weeks or about forty hours or more.

Q: Can I make suggestions for future versions?
A: Of course you can, and I'd appreciate it if you did. I am definitely not ruling out any future versions, as I myself are always coming up with new ideas to add.

Q: I've found a glitch/problem with your map, how can I contact you about it?
A: It's probably not a good idea to PM me on these forums, as I don't check PM's. The best thing you can is to contact me one or more of these ways:

Xfire: Sasstralissss
Skype: Sasstraliss

Q: Can I ask for the .cry file for this map?
A: Sure you can, but the chances of you actually getting it are as slim as America's top models on summer vacation.


Good evening fellow TAG members!

This is the official thread for Archipelago, the final version.

This original map has been around for a few months, but as of the last week I've taken the time to come back to it and fix all the numerous problems the original version had.

The fixes I made are numerous, however for those of you who have played on the old version of Archipelago, here is a list of what's changed.

BALANCE: Disabled VTOL's.
BALANCE: Disabled Heavy Tanks.

ADDED: Second Near-Prototype bunker.
ADDED: Submerged Ruins
ADDED: Numerous Shipwrecks.
ADDED: Sunken Bridge.
ADDED: More General Vegetation & Rocks.
ADDED: More Varied Textures & Decals.
ADDED: Random scattered objects.
ADDED: A Lighthouse.
ADDED: Custom TAG Signs.

FIXED: Underwater Rocks too close to shore.
FIXED: Trees clipping objects.
FIXED: Floating objects.
FIXED: Terrain bumps.
FIXED: Below ground animals.
CHANGED: Positions of bunkers & energy sites.
CHANGED: Layout of Prototype Fact. & Vehicle Fact.
CHANGED: Look of the Time Of Day.
CHANGED: Loading Screen & Minimap.
CHANGED: Draw Distances of Grass.



Click Here To Download (12.1MB)


Please comment & rate!

Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203104101
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203116092
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203135483
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203151504
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203201955
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203220426
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203233847
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203301508
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203317049
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203332871
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203348931
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203404201
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203413451
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203423681
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203513061
Archipelago (56k Warning!) Crysis20090725203610061

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