Cursed by a vetically challenged brat

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Cursed by a vetically challenged brat

Post by Broken </3 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:19 pm

Todays unfortunate story is about my life getting cursed by this dwarf girl at my school. THis has occured twice in my life and shes only been at my school for 1 year.

the first time she cursed me (i dnt noe how she does it, im thinking with vairous handsignals) was at a band camp i went to

me and my friends were chillaxing in the cabin when she knocks on the door asking for a nokia phone charger. I say yeh i got one come in. She steps in and she asks where it is. I say its in my bag... she then goes to my bag where i thn say my bag at home.

SHe then gets up and leaves whilst me and my friends are laughing. But that day, these thing happend to me

1. I fell out of my bed whilst going to the toilet. One moment i was going up, then my sleeping bag "magically " coiled around my legs and im on the floor

2. I violently cough and splutter on half my lolly stash which i spent $40 on

3. SHe starts running up and down the corridor outside the cabin and keeps knocking on the cabin door as some sort of payback, so i get some pepper, put it in my hand ready to blow it on her face the next time she runs along the corridor. She does, i jump out and blow but "magically" theres a gush of wind and the pepper goes into my face.

4. I fall out of bed again and land in my dirty clothes pile *they stank like shit*

5. I lose poker with a king high straight to some random with a fken ace high straight *i went all in on tht round*

Overall tht nite was the shits.

But today, i think she has cursed me again. She was on assembly today tlking about some crap wen i was saying dwarf jokes about her and all the ppl around me laugh to loudly and she looks over where i am sitting and does an evil glare

Now, i have been cursed and these r the following events tht hve happend:

1. My mum chucks out the potato and gravy i had saved for my chips

2. i trip over whilst playing futsul, massive wound

3. We get our neww maths teacher and shes a bitch

4. i had the worst apple ive eva had

5. I burn my third batch of marshmallow pizza Sad

So if there is a lesson for this story, or a morale, NEVER GET ON THE BADSIDE OF A MIDGET!!!

The Following Sentence is correct

The Above Sentence is False

Broken </3

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Re: Cursed by a vetically challenged brat

Post by Masterful on Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:10 pm

little something called KARMA.

you do bad things to ppl, bad things happen to you.

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Re: Cursed by a vetically challenged brat

Post by Delta on Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:00 am


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Re: Cursed by a vetically challenged brat

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