UF vs 1day

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UF vs 1day

Post by Broken </3 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:11 pm

WE versed 1 day in tia this time being 3v3

the teams were me (leader), acid, whynot


Rilord (leader), roadkilla, virt

overall, we did extremely well and very proud of wat we achieved. Orders were done and we worked very well as a team

shoutout to eclispe for good competition

this was our first match and eclipse was afk for half teh match

i dnt noe how to resize the photo but the score ended up being

UF 1Day
Me: 49-22 Virtuso X: 48-37
Acid: 36:23 Road: 22-49
Whynot: 15:29

THis map was exca and did very well again. This time all three members were on from 1day and was quite challenging

scores were:

UF 1Day
Me: 52-27 Extreme: 29-21
Acid: 19-17 Virtuso X: 27-31
Whynot: 29-38 Road: 26-48

the final match we were a bit messy in some parts of the game, but still won overall. A bit more teamwork was needed in some areas but tht can be easily fixed. This was oru alst game and we did quite well. Well done gumtree and whynot!

Scores were:

UF 1Day
Me: 63-28 Extreme: 32-29
Acid: 25-25 Virtuso X: 33-35
Whynot: 12-31 Road: 18-36

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Re: UF vs 1day

Post by Acidic_Gum_Tree on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:51 pm

Lol cakes Smile


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